SCI Great Falls Chapter

Business Spotlight Program

Great Falls Chapter SCI (GFSCI) works hard to generate funds to use for local hunting and fishing conservation projects. To date, we have spent over $1,400,000 to assist with local projects. In order to continue our fund-raising efforts, we are implementing a Business Spotlight Program to recognize and promote local businesses owned by our members, while offering our members discounted pricing opportunities along with generating much needed funds for our local Great Falls SCI Chapter.

If you are interested, have questions or are ready to be a part of this Business Spotlight Program, please contact Patty Ehrhardt

Email: Cell: 406-868-7245

1.    The business must be owned by an active GFSCI Member
2.    The promotional offer must include a price discount offer for the general membership of GFSCI
3.    The promotional offer must include a referral/advertising fee basis to be paid to GFSCI with a $100.00 Minimum for the first email blast and $25 for additional email blasts.
4.    Interested businesses must submit their written promotion offer to the GFSCI Board for approval. GFSCI Board reserves the right to accept or refuse any promotional offerings.


  1. If the promotion is approved by GFSCI, the promotion will be emailed to the GFSCI membership.
  2.   The business must provide GFSCI with a report showing sales    generated and referral due to GFSCI within 10 days of the closing date of the offer.
  3.   The minimum amount due to GFSCI for this promotion is $100.00
  4.   Additional email blasts can be scheduled for $25 each email. Must   be more than 2 weeks from first email blast.